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Joel Black Knives

Not a santoku

Not a santoku

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wrought iron / 135cr3 

170mm by 50mm  

153-158 grams (tight grouping) 

5mm into the tang, taper to the tip 

stone shaped and finished 

bog oak handles, 5500years old, from Addison and low in the uk, half wa half round, cushty 

These knives aren’t pettys, or gyuto, or paring knives, they’re probably as close to a santoku as I’m happy making but also they’re definitely aren’t santoku either, because I don’t make those.  Trying my best to feature all the things I like about forged blades in a slightly more compact product. Forged as a batch so being listed as such, one is a little smaller so I’ll be popping that up separately 

This knife has its bevels polished out using natural whetstones, This process means the upkeep of the blade should be significantly easier especially if you know your way around a whetstone.  Flattening the bevels and refining them can be a chore in the initial stages so I’ve done the groundwork for you so it’ll be nice to take to the stones for your polishing pleasure.

These knives are made from carbon steels not stainless steel, this allows them to take a fine edge fairly easily but has a downside that they will rust not given the proper care and attention.  Carbon steel forms a patina which can be very beautiful and acts as a protective layer slowing further corrosion.




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