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Joel Black Knives



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These are modelled on the small knife that’s kept in the saya with some katana.  I sometimes make saya with a kogatana on the inside too 

useful little blighters, designed as a paring knife, so used in the hand, can be used for peeling, cutting things 🤦🏻‍♂️ opening boxes, mail, fruit, you know stuff that needs a small knife.

wrought iron with 135cr3 in the middle, sporting emoji’s and a cotton cord 

stone polished so far and then finished with finger stones, small knives pose a particular challenge to polishing. The usual non stainless steels, so will rust if abused.

mo choil shot because there ain’t one

210mm all in 

110mm cutting edge 

3mm thick handle

2mm blade tapering out 








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